Roving Reporters Cricket Club News story

Team Selection Update

17 May 2019

Availability for 2019 has been excellent for the season so far. As always, there are likely to be times during the season when we are oversubscribed - whilst it is disappointed to be stood down, it is indicative of us having a club in decent health, and your team secretaries will always ensure that people take turns to stand down. It is always a selection dilemma, with longer term considerations being taken into account, such as the maintenance of a bigger player pool. Teams will be selected on being as fair as possible, whilst maintaining a good balance of batting, bowling and fielding. We do appreciate your understanding.

As such we had 16 available for this coming Sunday – St Albans away - great for the club but does present some selection headaches.

Thanks to those who have stood down so far - Dave Simmons, Danny Mills, Stuart Wiggins, Paul Smith, Nick Anson, Ben Candy, Pete Jenkins, John Rogan, Mark Watson.