Roving Reporters Cricket Club Roving Reporters squad

Roving Reporters Roving Reporters

Captain : Chris Jones

Favourite Band: Kings of Leon
Favourite Player: Rob "Fatboy" Key
Favourite Food: Indian
Favourite Gay: Jake Pike
Favourite Hertfordshirian: John Rogan
Favourite room-mate: David Simmons (even though he tries to touch me up while I'm sleeping)

Captain . : Paul Lewis

Favourite Band: Chesney Hawkes
Favourite Player: Gordon Greenidge
Favourite Food: Fish Fingers

Vice Captain : Stuart Wiggins

Favourite Band: Head
Favourite Player: Casanova
Favourite Food: Chipperfield Teas!

Vice Captain : Jake Pike

Favourite Band: The Streets
Favourite Player: Paul Collingwood 
Favourite Food: Chinese 
Confession: Chris Jone's touches me in the shower ...
Nick Anson
Favourite Band:
Favourite Player: 
Favourite Food:
An amazing fact:
Ciaron Daly
Favourite Band: 
Favourite Player: 
Favourite Food:
Charlie Drury
Can't really bat. Can run quite fast
Pete Drury
Favourite Band: UB40
Favourite Player: Ian Botham
Favourite Food: Ruby Murray
Neil Irons
Favourite Band: The Monkees
Favourite Player: Ian Botham
Favourite Food: All of it!
Favorite Toy; Evil Knevil Motor Bike
Favourite Shot: Pull, Hook or Jagerbomb!
Favourite Film: Toy Story 1,2,3

Jonathan Jenkins
Favourite Band:  S Club 7
Favourite Player: Geoffrey Boycott
Favourite Food: Dark Chocolate Fingers
Peter Jenkins
Favourite Band:
Favourite Player: 
Favourite Food:
Mike Jordan
Favourite Band:
Favourite Player: 
Favourite Food:
John Lewis
Favourite Band:
Favourite Player: 
Favourite Food:
Terry Miles
Favourite Band:
Favourite Player: 
Favourite Food:
Andrew Moffat
Favourite Band: Pink Floyd
Favourite Player: Joe Root     
Favourite Food:Curry
Adrian Pike
Favourite Band: Elo
Favourite Player: Paul Collingwood
Favourite Food: Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie
Keith Pike
Favourite Band: Snow Patrol
Favourite Player: J Jenkins
Favourite Food: Free
John Rogan
Favourite Band:U2,INXS, Manic Street Preachers,The Who.
Favourite Player: Graham Napier /Allan Donald
Favourite Food:Indian-Fish and Chips
Favourite RR's Player Paul The Gully Smith-- JJ He's The Man
Tom Rowlands
Favourite Band: 
Favourite Player: Eoin Morgan
Favourite Food: Pizza
Tony Rymer
Favourite Band: Bob Marley, Phil Collins
Favourite Player: Neil Fairbrother
Favourite Food: Ice Cream, Belgium White chocolate & raspberry cookies.
Favourite Ground: Knebworth- batting  paradise.
Scariest Moment: Kent winning promotion. 
AJ Shazad
Favourite Band: 
Favourite Player: Steve Waugh
Favourite Food: 
Craig Simmons
Favourite Band:
Favourite Player: 
Favourite Food:
David Simmons
Favourite Band: Kasabian
Favourite Player: Michael Vaughan, Matthew Hoggard, John Rogan (vs Cockfosters 2003 & Arkley 2009)
Favourite Tour Drink: The pre-bed 3am Baileys
Favourite RR's Player: Tom "Cheater" Simmons & Craig "Chopper" Simmons
Favourite Hertfordshire Trundler: John Rogan
Tom Simmons
Favourite Band:
Favourite Player: 
Favourite Food:
Paul Smith
Favourite Player: THAT FAT BLOKE .
Favourite Food:  PICKLE
Craig Thorpe
Favourite Dictator:  Definitely Adolf Hitler 
Favourite Book: Mein Kampf 
Favourite Food: Saur-kraut
Clive Townsend
Favourite Band: Elastic
Favourite Player: R Dubs
Favourite Food: Sues Sausages 
Favourite Moment: Winning game against Roving Reporters in the last over
Mark Watson

Favourite Band: Undertones

 Favourite Player: Mark Ramprakash (but I hate Surrey)

Favourite Food: Mum's meat pie

Steve Watson
Favourite Band: Crowded House
Favourite Player: Warnie with the ball, Glen McGrath with the bat!
Favourite Food: Biscuits with tea to dunk them in.
Derek Weist
Favourite Band: Saw Doctors
Favourite Player: Alan Weist
Favourite Food: Green salad....
Performance history
2013 (Clubs 40 Year Anniversary) 3010301430